We came about in a spontaneous way, from the need to convey the many changes that we see and affect our lives and for which we have no explanation. We belong to a generation that passed its years of youth in transit, the inhabitants of places with limited space to grow in our own country. We look for answers in order to share them and to know ourselves better. The wish to stop and weigh up our travel experiences has temporarily brought us back full of projects requiring exchanges.

The idea of setting up a publishing company arose as a means of approaching different realities and to connect with people doing research and not finding an appropriate channel to express their knowledge. Knowledge is what interests us, not acknowledgement. We are interested in publishing anything with the potential to improve the quality of life of people and that promotes the study of the transformations of our territory, new ways of living, the places where this is happening, how we live and how we could live better.

This publishing company is one more medium to allow us to learn about our reality. In a world saturated with images and information it is more and more difficult to find individual voices expressing individual opinions. It would appear that those who do not speak out, do not think and do not have the right to have an opinion. There are many realities and worlds without their own voice, hidden from view. Our aim is to open a door for those with something to say and who, like us, are not able to do so.

We are a publisher dedicated to disseminating the architecture and territorial changes. We work out of Galicia, an Atlantic land marked by water, clouds and rain. A place with a dense culture, with complex and varied territorial forms. Old due to the landscape sustaining us, new due to the contemporary processes of urban expansion and their expression which are bringing rapid changes. Here or abroad, little or nothing is being explained to us about what is going on and the future consequences of that transformation. Many things are happening and there are many individuals out there calmly working and offering answers. We would like to bring them together and show what they are doing, so that we can know ourselves better, and add a chapter to the study of the diversity of expressions and ways of shaping the territory.

Toni García+Yolanda Somoza. architects







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