EDICIONS ESPONTANEAS editorial activities

May 16th 2016
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The present section provides a brief summary of our editorial activities related with our architectural works www.garcia-somoza.com

This publishing company is one more medium to allow us to learn about our reality. In a world saturated with images and information it is more and more difficult to find individual voices expressing individual opinions. It would appear that those who do not speak out, do not think and do not have the right to have an opinion. There are many realities and worlds without their own voice, hidden from view. Our aim is to open a door for those with something to say and who, like us, are not able to do so.

Pecha Kucha (Pontevedra) from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

This presentation was part of the first event of Pecha Kucha Night celebrated in Pontevedra on July 10th 2009. An original format present in more than 190 cities of the world, that arose in Tokyo with the idea to show the work of the creative ones, and in a  informal way it allows to interchange ideas on architecture, design, photography, illustration, cinema, dance or any type of artistic or scientific investigation.

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EDICIONS ESPONTANEAS editorial activities

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