OPINION 8. O´DONNELL & TUOMEY “Courts, bricks and boxes”

May 24th 2013
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At any architectural lecture in the school I ask the students about the interest that may have for their searches, emphasizing especially that they are alert to the guest architect explains about his work and his project process, so that evaluating what he says and what he does is related with his work. This is the challenge when we invite someone to give a lecture, and rarely assumes the challenge, almost always the guest describes the work and anything else about the stages and decisions during the design process, and less in errors and successes he found on that process.

It may seem that architects have training to consider the result as definitive a work built or simply projected experience, and not so much a pause to ask ourselves how we work, what are the steps we take and the mistakes we make to improve them.

In a school of architecture and for a student, it is important to understand where concepts emerge and as they become ideas, this is fundamental to their learning. And with this reflection, which always accompanies me to the start of all the conferences, we were placed into the conference room with Sheila O’Donnell. Her lecture “Courtyards, bricks and boxes” used her searches, obsessions and interests, offering small fragments of life that accompanies the production of projects, so that it humanizes the planning process at the time. Searches through the Venice Biennale exhibition articulate a discourse that is enriched by the places where at the time thinking, to collect data, develop them, and try other alternatives.

We have to thanks Sheila for this delicate exhibition, to bring us some of the landscapes in which she moves with John Tuomey, and for showing us that regardless of the outcome, the architecture is an experience that belongs to a place, a time and its users.


Courts, Bricks & Boxes 1. O´DONNEL&TUOMEY from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.


Courts, Bricks & Boxes 2. O´DONNEL&TUOMEY from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.


Courts, Bricks & Boxes 3. O´DONNEL&TUOMEY from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

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OPINION 8. O´DONNELL & TUOMEY “Courts, bricks and boxes”

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