EMBT Enric Miralles. Palafolls Library

Jan 7th 2013
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Enric Miralles. Biblioteca en Palafolls from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

One year ago we visited this Miralles library in Palafolls, then we only walked around it as seen in the video, and now that we’re passing through Barcelona we come again to be inside. On the first visit were surprised by how the extension of the walls and the ground slope allowed to create diverse areas between trees and cantilevered deck. To sit and walk inside they become friendlier, we were surprised by a space that seems outwardly fragmented and inside displays unitary and diverse, accompanied by the perimeter of the shelves positioning and beautifully illuminated by the openings between the different levels of cover. We have to come back another day to draw it and feel us more peaceful to pass the light of the day, just as I did in Berlin Scharoun´s Library, so well recorded by Wim Wenders http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi8sYY0pCdE… If that space in Berlin accounted for my imaginary the atmosphere of a library, this building of Miralles is now added to this showing me how a place can do more everyday.

More information about the Palafolls Library on the Ignasi Bonet article http://www.ub.edu/bid/25/bonet2.htm, on the interview with Bernardetta Tagliabue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I70MDBhVUiw, and on her office web page http://www.mirallestagliabue.com/project.asp?id=60

more information about libraries on http://www.bauenblog.info/es/

Enric Miralles. Biblioteca en Palafolls. INTERIOR from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

In the next months, the 4th year course students will be thinking in a library, so I use this visits to the Palafolls Library in order to introduce the concept and ask them about what is today a library, especially when it is built in a metropolitan area. Now a day’s city extended its area of influence and at the same time we have access to a greater exchange of information, meanwhile in many places the urban culture and its spaces of relationship were closing in more private places. So to explain the collective living space at a local level, we need to understand the different spaces of relationship fed by the mobility of residence and work at its urban region scale. That’s the reason that we are proposing a reflection on how has the current city be built so as to maintain the same level its power to generate spiritual, cultural and economic wealth for every one of its inhabitants. And now, with this project, we propose to investigate and imagine how must be the buildings and public spaces that allow it.

The library is one of the community buildings that more changes you will receive in the coming years. Its image as a place quiet and surrounded by books can disappear in a few years. Even if publications continue to exist on paper, the increasingly widespread use of digital content will leave many empty spaces which may be used for other complementary uses, related to the exchange of content, education and the creation. There are already public and community libraries where games are also provided for children, instruments and even tools and kitchenware (Oakland Public Library). But in addition, the digital culture proposes another concept of library, which does not only work as a content repository, but as a place to inspire creativity through workshops and projects (YOUMedia Chicago). Multimedia spaces that transcend the borders of library, a third space beyond home or work for the encounter and the creation, designed not only to consult resources but also to create new contents.

With this new building managed by the neighbourhood initiative, we introduce questions about how to organize a complex building in the relationship between small and large dimensional spaces. This will be the first experience of my students designing a building of collective services, building in which complexity is measured not by the its dimensions and more about the diversity of its functional areas.

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EMBT Enric Miralles. Palafolls Library

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