México DF. The green architecture of the UNAM Campus

Dec 29th 2009
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In 1997 I was teaching at the UNAM-University of Mexico postgraduate program of Urbanism,  I keep many rewarding experiences from this period, among them the one to coexist with the transformation of a city of 25 million inhabitants, in a University of 300,000 students, and a Campus with a public space that I study with my students every year, to observe the relation between architectonic geometry and the naturalization of the human space, between the human scale and the variety of stays, places and gardens, that allow to the relation between people, turning hearing, seeing, walking, to be standing up or to sit down in a experience that improves the coexistence of its users.

The video and the photographies that accompany this text were do it in our visit of 2008, reproduce a stroll surroundings to the central area of the Campus, from the North entrance that takes to the shutdown of Copilco subway station, with the central library, the rectory one and the faculties of humanities and architecture in their perimeter. we can observed the concept of “modern superapple” it allows the pedestrian circulation securing the continuity of the deep spaces elevating the buildings on open porches in ground floor, delimiting stays that the topography and the trees finish to forming, with also landscaped the road peripheral ring circulation, from which it is acceded to the parkings and the buildings.

UNAM Campus. Mexico DF from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

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México DF. The green architecture of the UNAM Campus

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