Rotterdam South. Hoogvliet

Nov 22nd 2009
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Hoogvliet is the scene of one of the biggest urban regeneration projects in the Netherlands. Designed after World War II along Modernist lines, over the ensuing years, the New Town became more and more run down and economically depressed. Then new urban renewal projects came along, its mission to raise the standard of this increasingly blighted neighbourhood by developing a range of experimental buildings for the town’s regeneration, as well as smaller-scale architectural, urban-planning, visual-art and sociocultural projects.

The large-scale restructuring project carried out in Hoogvliet has not helped many of the local residents to climb an appreciable distance up the social ladder. However, the provision of new accommodation combined with assertive social policy has started up a process of self-reassessment in many of the residents who were affected by this project.

Rotterdam South. Hoogvliet I from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

Rotterdam South. Hoogvliet II from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

Rotterdam South. Hoogvliet III from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

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Rotterdam South. Hoogvliet

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