OPINION 6. Dosmasunoarquitectos

Nov 21st 2009
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Interview with the architect Néstor Montenegro on March 2010, that next to Lina Toro and Ignacio Borrego was part of the architectural office “Dosmasunoarquitectos”, placed in Madrid. In our conversation, we have spoken about the meaning of inhabiting, the education in architecture, the relation architecture and society, social housing, the housing access, the price of the ground, the promotion of processes of change in the relations with politicians and promoters, the paper of the architect in the decision making on city and landscape, citizen participation, processes of creation and construction in social housing, the flexibility and residential mobility, a bit of advice for whom studies architecture and a reflection about the future of the profession…

OPINA 6. Dosmasunoarquitectos from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.


Thanks to Néstor Montenegro about the interest with which shared the projects of its Office in this conference organized in A Coruna on  March 5th 2010, before the interview placed above and the critical session with our 2nd year students. The conference deals with their housing projects in Carabanchel, Vallecas and Colmenar Viejo, as well as of EUROPAN competition projects in Cartes and Ama.CONFERENCIA. Dosmasunoarquitectos from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

In the conference colloquy, with among others subjects, we talked about the way of working in its Office, the use of drawing during the project concept, prefabrication, the future of the collective housing, and the transformation of periphery landscape of Madrid…

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OPINION 6. Dosmasunoarquitectos

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