Pecha Kucha A Coruña. vol1

Nov 17th 2009
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On November 6th we were part on the first Pecha Kucha Night vol.1, held in A Coruña. An exhibition celebrated in over 200 worldwide cities,  that arose in Tokyo with the idea of showing the work of new creative, an informal way to exchange ideas on architecture, design, photography, illustration, film, dance or any kind of artistic or scientific research.

In this video you will see our presentation, which showed part of the architectural and urban design projects of our architectural office. We proposing a reflection about the transformation of our habits and our ways of living, using a sequence of projects from minimum to maximum group size, trying to show how different ways of participation of future users of an architectural project enriches and creates new spaces for social relations.

Toni Garcia + Yolanda Somoza. arquitectos from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

You can see the complete video of Pecha Kucha Coruña, vol.1 in the Web of Santi González www.stgo.es, or beating Here.

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Pecha Kucha A Coruña. vol1

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