What about before turistic facilities? (Dominican Rep.)

Oct 11th 2009
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We have spent 22 days in the Dominican Republic developing a Plan for Isabela´s natural and archaeological park, placed in the northwest of the Island, an exceptional natural space still without a great tourist development, in spite of being declared like tourist zone of interest. It has been very interesting our work with the rural communities in the decision making, and the necessity to implement a participating model of management, related to questioned the tourism like the unique possibility of development identified by the population, putting in doubt the model of development based on a tourism that has grown of backs to the community, attracting a type of tourist who arrives interested in enjoying ” everything included” , locked up in a hotel complex and without cultural interaction with it surroundings. The Northwest has been the first tourist destiny of the Island, and now their great facilities that have privatized great part of the coast are almost empty, with very low occupations, and an environmental deterioration difficult to recover. We have traveling along this coast observing his transformation, and we have stopped in Sosua to record this video, between the ruins of an empty hotel, next to another one in construction, forward edge of a coast to which one of last hurricanes has left without hardly sand in the beach… what it makes us reflect about what will happen to this coast in the future, and if the tourism disappears? , it will be able to regenerate? , how to do it?.

Sosua I – Rep. Dominicana from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

This type of tourist activity is unsustainable. A change of model is considering, looking for a greater interaction of the visitors with the local population, to restrain the deterioration of the surroundings, impelling a process of taking to consciousness on the cultural, social, natural, and local values.

Although this will not be enought if the work does not begin by the improvement in the quality of life of its inhabitants, used to the service of the international investments. The existing populations throughout the coast from Puerto Plata, like Sosua or Cabarete, that have been transformed radically, and need so much an environmental regeneration, like of the improvement of quality of life of its inhabitants. We can see in this video the way from the hotel, throughout the way from Sosua to Puerto Plata, like in first, second and third line of beach, are accumulated a disorderly growth of blocks, single-family houses and facilities for the tourist leisure. The image of this territory for international leisure it does not contrast in excess with the informal slums, where lives the most part of the population. This banal internationalization of the landscape makes think us about the fragility of the economies based on ephemeral seasons, dependent businesses of the visit of inhabitants from other countries, and how easy is move infrastructures transforming in deep social conditions and its way of life.

Sosua II – Rep. Dominicana from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

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What about before turistic facilities? (Dominican Rep.)

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