OPINION4. Andrés Fernández-Albalat

Feb 22nd 2009
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Interview with Andres Fernandez-Albalat, Architect PHd and founding dean of the Institute of Galician Architects, about inhabit, the transformation of the residential habits, the changes in the familiar structure, the new technologies and social improvements. The vernacular architecture, the architectural dehumanization, Men like protagonist of the architecture, the crisis of ideas and ideologies, the present cult to the personality, the excess of formalism in the new architecture, the dissosciation between architect and society, the economic crisis, the difficulty like creative stimulus. The contributions of intellectuals after the Spanish civil war, Sargadelos and the Laboratory of forms, the projects of renovation of forms through the plastic one, the creation of opinion. An School of Architecture for Galicia, and a message to architecture students…

Opina4. Andrés Fernández-Albalat from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

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OPINION4. Andrés Fernández-Albalat

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