O Castrillón. Frameworks, functions and scales

Feb 8th 2009
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In the world in which we lived the relation between the increase of the urbanization and the growth of the cities, it seems to go even to the increase of the violence in the public space, social segregation, and mobility of people. Our cities discuss if its model has to be compact or diffuse, stimulated by local relations in the districts or dependent of private transportation by car; extensive or concentrate in the surface that occupy and its environmental cost. Now more than ever the city it is a space of relations complex and diverse, cultural and socially ample, not as much by the surface that occupies as by the possibility of interchange between people and different social forms.

As it leaves from this discussion our students of 2nd year architecture course has realised an analysis of the district of O Castrillón in A Corunna helping itself of interviews with neighbors to detect the transformations and the use of the public space done by them. The videos that we presented here are of three different groups that they have studied the frameworks, the functions and scales of the district. We are thankful to the neighbors its participation, and the students its interest in learning of the reality to incorporate it to its proyectual process.

GROUP 3. FRAMEWORKS. Its video presents interviews with neighbors about the present transformation of the district, the new neighbors, the new grants, problems, needs, and their valuation… to later represent the title modification through the new building constructions, urban frames, new structures and their relation with the surroundings, in the past and the present.

O Castrillón 03 from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

GROUP 4. FUNCTIONS. Its video presents interviews with neighboring about its use of public space (parks, gardens, places)… In order to later represent by diagrams and analytical drawings the use and perception of space, in public and private areas, empty and occupied, green, industrial, commercial, residential, etc.

O Castrillón 04 from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

GROUP 5. SCALES. Its video presents interviews with neighbors about the use of  streets, its mobility, the use of public and private transport, destinies, frequencies, cost, time of transport, needs, alternatives… In order to later represent district borders, geographic and urban borders, social and cultural, relating them concerning the district and the city. With diagrams and drawings of district scale´s transformation through the new building constructions.

O Castrillón 05 from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

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O Castrillón. Frameworks, functions and scales

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