A Coruña. Urban Sprawl

Dec 14th 2008
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A Coruña. Area Metropolitana I from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

Technological and economic progress is translating urban functions and activities, which no longer can be developed in towns, to rural land and, in order to satisfy the demands, adopting diffuse urbanization as its territorial model. In economic terms, the cost of this kind of urban expansion is very high. Such low density construction disrupts territorial equilibrium; it is just consumption of space which reduces agricultural and wooded land, gives rise to “artificial” natural areas and new land uses which are not integrated and erode the former territorial stability.

The truth is that the countryside is being abandoned and the extant historical structures fail to provide a regional solution to deal with the issue of the urban sprawl. There has been no extensive reform of land usage, and there is a lack of control of urbanisation process and the application of urban policies that copy urban layouts in non-urban conditions, rural or otherwise. One of Europe’s oldest and most intensely humanised regions, with a meticulously developed agricultural landscape, generally accessible land, the majority of which is divided up into plots, and with a rich and extensive environmental and built heritage that up until forty years ago remained intact, has been allowed to fall into the hands of individual initiatives that have applied alternative building strategies.

Our territory is rich and complex, yet it lacks both a structure and a model in order to ensure that the urbanisation policies adopted guarantee the integration of all its inhabitants, and equal opportunities and services for all within a single region.

A Coruña. Area Metropolitana II from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

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A Coruña. Urban Sprawl

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