Monte Alto housing bubble

Nov 25th 2008
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This video was recorded in 2008 as part of a workshop with students of architecture. At that time of the Spanish real estate bubble, Monte Alto was one of the A Corunna neighbourhoods where it was demolished a big amount of old constructions, superimposing volumes that duplicate and triple their heights, they astonished its streets, and they modified its scale introducing greater congestion and loss of habitability. All this with the unique intention to speculate on with its ground being moved its neighbors, who are themselves pressed by constructors deceive that them to leave their house and to sell it at a low price…

Edition by Óscar Seoane, Martín Regal & Clara Gómez. Dec2007

especula en Monte Alto from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.

Montealto Neighbors tell us their opinion about the use of public spaces and the urban transformation with the demolition of spaces of their collective memory.

Edition by Alejandro Ferreiro, Lorenzo Domínguez & Sonia Prado. Dec2007

Monte Alto al habla from edicions espontaneas on Vimeo.


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Monte Alto housing bubble

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