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Social Housing in Galicia.

Social Housing in Galicia

Toni García . Yolanda Somoza

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SOCIAL HOUSING IN GALICIA This book aims to provide an insight into 37 examples of public housing built over a hundred-year period in Galicia. It presents the plans, sections, and building details drawn to scale together with photographs of the exterior and the location, supplemented by the percentage of site and covered area, pedestrian, green area, apartment floorspace, and a list of the architects responsible of their design and construction process.

This book offering an overview of the complexities involved in creating subsidised housing, and to pay tribute to those who saw housing as a social asset, striving to make it accessible to all segments of the population, as well as acting as a means for reflecting on our own nature and the legacy that has been passed down to us. It also offers a fleeting look at several of the reasons behind the transformation of our habitat and highlights the need for housing of those persons with lower incomes, criticising the errors that have prevented us from providing universal access to housing. In addition, it assesses the built city, the territory and its relationship with housing, as well as providing an introduction to the changes in collective social housing, and an appraisal of collective residences as the optimum solution for organising collective habitats in relation to the city.

163 pp
245 x 220 mm
6 articles
37 housing blocks, Plans, details, aerial views, and 164 colour illustrations
ISBN 978-84-934604-1-9
Paperback 35 euros
Hard cover 45 euros


Social Housing in Galicia
Toni García . Yolanda Somoza

Prologue 1
Prologue 2

29 Dwellings. Campo de Artillería. A Coruña
24 Dwellings. Campo de Marte. A Coruña
29 Dwellings. Barrio da Concepción. Vigo

400 Dwellings. Grupo Os Mallos. A Coruña
126 Dwellings. Cristo da Victoria. Vigo
90 Dwellings. Rúa do Rocío. Vigo
100 Dwellings. Barrio de Covadonga. Ourense
212 Dwellings. Grupo Apóstol Santiago (Rámirez). Santiago de Compostela
74 Dwellings. Salgueiriños. Pontevedra
348 Dwellings. Grupo María Pita. A Coruña
50 Dwellings. Grupo Nosa Señora de Valdeflores. Viveiro. Lugo

400 Dwellings. Unidade Veciñal nº3. Barrio das Flores. A Coruña
390 Dwellings. Poligono de Caranza. Unidade Veciñal 1. Ferrol
411 Dwellings. Poligono de Caranza. Unidade Veciñal 2. Ferrol
414 Dwellings. Poligono de Caranza. Unidade Veciñal 4. Ferrol
273 Dwellings. Polígono de San Caetano. Santiago de Compostela
420 Dwellings. Polígono de Coia. Vigo
128 Dwellings. Polígono de Vite. Santiago de Compostela

60 Dwellings. Uceira. O Carballiño
120 Dwellings. Polígono de Elvira. A Coruña
42 Dwellings. Praza do Espiño. A Coruña
122 Dwellings. Labañou. A Coruña
34 Dwellings. Vilanova de Lourenzá. Lugo
108 Dwellings. Polígono de Esteiro. Ferrol

1997-2007. ACTUAL PERIOD
34 Dwellings. Vilalba. Lugo
25 Dwellings. Pontepereda. Santiago de Compostela
7 Dwellings. Rehabilitation. Rural settlement of Mazoi. Lugo
14 Dwellings for young people. Vigo
70 Dwellings. Belvís. Santiago de Compostela
16 Dwellings. Rúa Poeta Aquilino Iglesias. Lugo
6 Dwellings. Rehabilitation. Praza da Ferrería. Ourense

2007-2012. FUTURE PERIOD
348 Dwellings. San Paio de Navia. Vigo
10 Detached Houses. Riós. Ourense
160 Dwellings. Mesoiro. A Coruña
52 Dwellings. Barrio de Covadonga. Ourense
311 Dwellings. Campus Universitario de Elvira. A Coruña
29 Dwellings. Vilamarín. Ourense

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